Can You Shave A Rottweiler?

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Different breeds of dogs have different requirements when it comes to grooming, prompting the question ‘can you shave a Rottweiler?’ amongst Rottie owners. There are, actually, a few intricacies when it comes to Rottweilers’ coats, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a very close look at it, determining how to care for it and whether it’s right to shave it.

Can You Shave A Rottweiler?

Can you? You certainly can. Should you, though? Most definitely not!

You’re most likely asking yourself this question because shedding season has arrived and you’re noticing bulks of hair around your home. We’re going to have to disappoint you in advance and tell you that shaving your Rottweiler won’t stop that.

These dogs have two layers of coat – an undercoat and an overcoat. This is how they keep warm during the winter, and they shed these two coats twice a year. There’s autumn and spring shedding. This way, they prepare for the winter, and they later prepare for the spring.

A Rottie with a thick undercoat in the summer is going to be very uncomfortable because of the temperature.

So, no – you definitely shouldn’t be shaving your Rottweiler. Instead, you’re going to buy a brush – there are brushes made especially for dogs with short hair – and that brush is going to take care of the excess hair. Just make sure to do this somewhere that isn’t your living room.

The good news is – shedding doesn’t last too long. It takes them a few days, sometimes a few weeks to get all the excess hair out, but once they do – you’re pretty much settled until the next shedding process.

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Bathing Your Rottie

Some owners think that bathing your Rottweiler will somehow speed up the process of shedding. The truth is, nothing will speed it up, and your dog is going to take as long as they need to in order to prepare for the upcoming season.

What you will do by bathing, however, is clean all the excess hair. Honestly, this isn’t a method that we’d recommend – some dogs need you to brush them literally every single day to get all the hair out – that’s just how fast it grows.

clean all the excess of hair

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Bathing your dog every day isn’t healthy, not to mention that you’ll clog your shower drain if you do that.

You shouldn’t bathe your dog any more often during shedding than you would normally. Instead, focus on brushing your dog’s hair, as that’s usually more than enough to take care of all the hair.

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t bathe your Rottweiler too often, remember that they’re some of the more sensitive dogs when it comes to skin sensitivity. Agitating their skin once a week or every day will probably cause a reaction, even if you use dog shampoo made for sensitive skin.

There are a few dog breeds that shed very little, while there are dog breeds that lose incredible amounts of hair periodically. Rottweilers are definitely shedders, but periodical shedders, and there isn’t anything you can possibly do about it.

Many people ask the question – can I stop my dog from shedding? The answer is no, there isn’t anything you can do to stop your dog from shedding.

Long Hair Rottweilers

Firstly, it’s important to note that Rottweilers with long hair are so extremely rare, chances are you’re more likely to see a short-haired Poodle than a long-haired Rottie. However, there are a few of these (probably literally a few) in the world, and some owners wonder what to do with them.

Long hair in a Rottweiler is usually caused by a genetic defect – this is not normal for Rottweilers and it’s not something you want. Can you do anything about it, though? No, not really.

You could, theoretically, frequently cut your dog’s hair, but this is pretty much pointless. Firstly, your dog won’t like getting a haircut every few days, and it won’t help at all, as your dog still won’t be able to compete in dog shows.

It’s definitely bad news for you if you have the one in a million long-haired Rottweiler – but there’s not anything you can do about it. Shaving your dog certainly isn’t an option.

If you shave your dog, their hair is just going to grow back completely.


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To Sum Up

Rottweilers are short-haired dogs that have two layers of coat. This allows them to spend harsh winters outdoors without being cold. However, it must be noted that some Rottweilers, generationally living in warmer areas, have dropped off the undercoat to adapt to the warm temperatures.

When it comes to giving haircuts to your Rottie, it’s completely pointless and it won’t achieve anything. Even if your dog is long-haired (which is extremely rare), the hair will just grow back.

To survive the shedding season, you just have to accept that you can’t end it or speed it up – brush your dog regularly and wait for it to end naturally – it usually doesn’t last more than a few weeks.