German Rottweiler vs American Rottweiler Size Comparison Guide

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When looking at a German Rottweiler vs American Rottweiler size, you will easily note that they are not quite the same, with some interesting differences. Understanding the differences between the two breeds will help you make a better decision.

The Rottweiler is a popular dog breed. Rottweilers are tough and vicious dogs in popular culture. But in the real world, they are a family favorite breed. The reputation of the Rottweiler has reached far and wide, and dependent on many people’s different experiences with the wonderful breed.

Are you thinking of which Rottweiler will suit you and your lifestyle best? Read on to find out more about the dog of your dreams!

What Is A German Rottweiler?

As you can tell from the name of the breed, Rottweilers originated from Germany. They are said to be descendants of the mighty dogs of the Roman Empire. The town of Rottweil, Germany lends its name to the beautiful breed. There were accompanying butchers in their shopping and acted as a guard for many individuals in the 1900s.

The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (known as the ADRK) is the premier breeding club for the majestic German Rottweiler. They take breeding and research very seriously, especially regarding Rottweiler’s hereditary disorders. Registering a Rottweiler can be difficult because they want to keep the breeding of perfectly healthy dogs as uniform as possible. They have expressed some dismay at practices being done in other countries.

The ADRK standards for Rottweilers strictly prohibit the practice of tail docking, which is the removal of the Rottweiler’s tail. In fact, this procedure is illegal in various countries in Europe and around the world. Tail docking is considered an inhumane and cruel act towards Rottweilers and other dogs.

What Is An American Rottweiler?

Rottweilers became so popular that American breeders decided that they wanted to get in on the fun. In short, American Rottweilers are simply dogs of the Rottweiler breed born in America. While they still have the same build and athletics as their German counterparts, they are seen as more of a loving and playful family dog or a tough and fearsome guard dog.

It can be said that imported Rottweiler puppies being mixed in and widening the gene pool in America means that the breeding standards have been somewhat lowered. Of course, there are breeders who are serious about their practices, but the standards are definitely looser in the United States.

While difficulty for training makes the Rottweiler harder to recommend to beginner dog owners and families with young children, the breed is the 8th most popular in the United States.

The American Kennel Club is the body that has set the competition standards for Rottweilers. It’s interesting to note that in the AKC’s standards, tail docking is allowed. In fact, they encourage this practice. While they do not force all owners to dock their dog’s tails, it might come with a significant disadvantage come competition time.

In-depth Difference Between German and American Rottweiler


As mentioned previously, the ADRK and the AKC have different standards when it comes to breeding Rottweilers.

The most notable difference is the two clubs’ opposing stands on tail docking. There are no regulations regarding the topic in the United States.

This has caused some difficulty because the docking practice for Rottweilers has become standard. Along with the clipping of ears, it is believed to make the breed look cooler and tougher. Some people may even assume that Rottweilers are born without tails in the United States!

Tail docking is popular for cosmetic purposes only. There are some benefits and disadvantages, and it’s up to owners to make the decision of how to treat their Rottweiler’s tails, pursuant to the law.

american rottweiler

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German Rottweiler vs American Rottweiler Size

There is a tendency for German Rottweilers to be slightly bigger than their American counterparts. This may very well be due to the breeding standards that are being set for the respective countries. After all, the original German Rottweilers were descendants of big and bulky Roman dogs. Getting further and further away from the standard is sure to reveal differences in the breeding line, sooner or later.

American Rottweilers take on a very slender form – both the male and the female. You will notice that the German Rottweiler chest widths are slightly larger and more muscular. It could just be a matter of centimeters, but if the size matters to you, then it should be easier to pick accordingly.

American vs German Rottweiler Size: What Are The Other Differences?

While there are very few discrepancies between the two breed “types,” there are differences all the same. These might be smaller reasons that will sway you but it is good to consider while making a very important decision to pursue a life of dog ownership.


Origin of birth is really all there is to the “types” of Rottweilers, but it could be an important factor for a variety of people. While all breeders take their job seriously, you may have to do your own research to find someone you trust or someone more accessible to you.

The location also dictates the price, depending on which type is more accessible to you. The range of Rottweiler prices would vary from place to place. This means you need to do your thorough and current research to secure a healthy, happy dog within your budget.


Rottweilers were always meant to have herding and cattler jobs. This breed is excellent in this field, given that they have an active, athletic build and a guard persona. Today, Rottweilers are world-renown and excellent police dogs, rescue dogs, and guard dogs.

Rottweilers work in farms and other such settings. Perhaps there are more casual lifestyle owners of Rottweilers these days. While it does take a fair bit of training, Rottweilers are excellent family dogs.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with choosing a Rottweiler for your home. Whether you get a German Rottweiler or an American Rottweiler, this furry friend will be a fine companion for everyday life.

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