How To Make Your Rottweiler’s Head Big?

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Rottweilers are large dogs, but some of them are slow growers and late bloomers, making owners wonder how to make your Rottweiler’s head big. Their heads are typically bulky, square, and large in comparison to their body – but reaching a head that size can take a while. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the proper proportions of your dog’s head and see whether you can do anything to speed up your dog’s growth.

What Should A Rottweiler’s Head Look Like?

Given that Rottweilers can reach 27 inches in height, their head needs to be of medium length, with plenty of space between the ears. There also needs to be a ratio of the back skull to the dog’s muzzle – about 3:2. Even though there can be wrinkling on the forehead, particularly when the dog is alert and looking around – the forehead should be flat most of the time.

Their eyes are shaped like almonds, medium-sized, and usually dark brown in color. It’s uncommon, but Rottweilers can also have yellow eyes, which is a serious fault when it comes to dog shows.

Rottweiler ears are of medium size and they’re triangular in shape and they’re level with the top of the dog’s skull. The muzzle of the dog should be broad at the base, but the bridge should be straight. Their chin is very well developed, the nose is broad and it should be black. The lips are also black, with closed corners.

When it comes to their teeth and bite, they have 42 teeth that should fall together in a scissor bite. The entirety of Rottweiler’s physical standard is defined by the AKC.

What Should A Rottweiler's Head Look Like

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Rottweiler Growth

When they’re completely grown, male Rottweilers can reach 27 inches, while female dogs can reach a 25-inch maximum. Because they’re such large dogs, it takes quite a while for them to grow and reach these sizes. There are breeds out there that reach their maximum size when they’re six or seven months of age. Rottweilers, on the other hand, can take up to two years to completely physically mature!

This is where plenty of confusion occurs – some owners aren’t aware of how long it will take for their dog to actually become a fully grown animal, so they worry that something’s wrong with their dog because their head hasn’t yet reached the proper proportions. There’s actually very little to worry about most of the time.

Your dog’s head will grow with the rest of your dog’s body, and that can take up to two years. There are no ways to actually speed up your dog’s growth. There are owners out there recommending protein, and even steroids for dogs, but both of those practices are not only unnecessary – they’re very dangerous too. Dog physiology isn’t the same as human physiology and adding protein and steroids to your dog’s diet as supplements is potentially fatal.

Helping Your Dog Grow

There isn’t a way to specifically target your dog’s head and help it grow quicker, however, you can help your dog grow in general. To put on weight and develop both their muscles and their bones, dogs need plenty of protein and fats. Even though it might sound silly to some people (probably people who don’t know the first thing about nutrition) – fats are absolutely necessary for healthy growth.

Carbs are what make both dogs and people fat. However, during the growing stage of your dog’s life, they won’t suffer at all if you let them have carbs. At this point, their body is utilizing every nutrient it gets into growth and weight gain, so adding some carbs to your dog’s diet is just fine.

It is possible, although it’s very rare, that your dog’s a runt – even if it comes from a litter full of healthy dogs that have grown to their expected sizes. Runts are usually genetically predisposed to be smaller than other dogs of their species and there’s probably nothing you can do about it. Asking your breeder for a refund is an option, but runts aren’t in any way less deserving of your love – they’re just smaller than their brothers and sisters.

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To End

Rottweilers have particularly large heads, making them slow growers because growing such large body parts takes time. It can take up to two years for your Rottweiler to actually reach their full size, so you shouldn’t worry if they’re taking a while to grow. The best way to support them is through healthy nutrition, consisting mostly of protein and fats. There is no way to speed up your dog’s growth, so don’t bother with supplements.