Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up

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Even though we might see them as our babies, not all dogs like being manhandled, and if your Rottweiler puppy growls when picked up, you should take it as a clear sign that you’re doing something wrong. In today’s article, we’ll be learning the dos and don’ts of handling dogs and figuring out exactly what makes dogs act up.

Why Is My Puppy Being Aggressive?

There are a few elements at play here. Generally, larger dogs don’t like being picked up. Even though your puppy is still small, they instinctively don’t want to be carried around and they’ll protest if you do. Although this isn’t the case with all dogs, there are plenty of dogs from larger breeds that don’t have a problem with being picked up, it is a common case with Rottweilers.

They don’t like being picked up because they understand that if you drop them, they’re going to fall from a height and possibly injure themselves. Unlike cats, dogs aren’t as agile and dexterous, so they don’t feel comfortable at heights.

Secondly, dogs are much easier to scare when they’re puppies than when they’re fully grown and established adults. They’re still exploring the world and most of it is completely unknown to them. Because of this, it’s more than likely that your dog is going to react aggressively to plenty of new things, not just being picked up and carried around.

Why Is My Puppy Being Aggressive

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For the same reasons, you can see dogs – especially puppies – barking at lawnmowers, motorbikes, and generally anything that makes loud scary noise.

You shouldn’t fear this for the long-term though, as your dog will soon learn that there’s nothing dangerous about most of these things. However, you shouldn’t insist on picking your dog up, especially if they’re an adult. Rottweilers are large and heavy dogs, so the fall that they fear so much is actually very realistic.

If your dog doesn’t like being picked up, they’re going to react aggressively even when they’re adults.

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Dogs

Pulling on their tail – this is probably the most common thing that people do to dogs, especially children, as a form of playing, but dogs don’t like it and they’ll always react aggressively. This doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily bite the person doing it, but barking and growling just to send a message is to be expected.

Pinching and grabbing their hair is also common, more so with children, and this is another thing that will certainly cause an angry reaction with dogs. Trying to ride a dog (once again, this is something that children do much more than adults) is bound to end up with the dog throwing the person off and growling at them.

These reactions aren’t a form of aggression, but a form of self-defense.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweilers aren’t protective and vigilant as soon as they’re born – it takes time to shape them mentally into being guard dogs. The reaction your dog gives off when you pick it up or when you pull its tail isn’t an instinct labeled only to Rottweilers – this is a reaction completely normal for all dogs.

Rottweilers are actually some of the most well-composed dogs in existence. They’re very calm under pressure and they won’t react aggressively (if properly trained) unless it’s the only option. However, if your dog barks, growls, and bites you because you picked them up, then you have a clear sign that you should stop picking them up.

We also have to remember that Rottweilers are actually very protective when it comes to their family and their owners. If a Rottie barks at its owner, that means that they had to do something really bad to aggravate the dog. Rottweilers are very intelligent dogs and they’re usually aware of this, so they won’t do anything to hurt you – just to warn you.

For example, a dog might grab your hand with its mouth, but it might not actually squeeze it to bite you. This is their way of showing that, firstly – they’ve had enough of whatever is it that you’re doing. Secondly, they’re showing that they could easily hurt you in self-defense if they wanted to.

Lastly, remember that Rottweilers don’t like being picked up because of their size and their natural defensive instincts, so it’s best to leave them alone.

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To Sum Up

Rottweilers are calm, composed, and intelligent dogs – but they generally don’t like being picked up and carried around, so they’re probably going to react negatively to that. This doesn’t mean that the odd Rottie won’t like it, but most of them surely won’t. There is no way to get your dog on board with being carried around, so you should stop trying and just leave them alone when it comes to that.