Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Puppies

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The dachshund Rottweiler mix puppies are a rare hybrid breed that results from crossing a Dachshund and a Rottweiler.

This breed is relatively new to the market, but more pet lovers are warming up to the idea of adopting it.  The dachshund Rottie mix puppies can vary widely in size, appearance, or even characteristics due to their unusual parentage.

The Dachsweiler, as it’s commonly known, looks a lot like the Rottweiler but with short legs of the dachshund.  It is an intelligent dog, thanks to its parents, even-tempered, and has a touch of playfulness.  It is also loyal and protective towards its family members.

Their coat color tends to be Bi-color – a combination of chocolate and black or black and tan but can include other colors.

They are full of energy and make great pets if socialized early in life.

The Rottweiler and Dachshund Mix – History

Breeding dogs from different mixes have become quite common in the last 20 years or so.  This mixed breed is among the latest to be tried, and the outcome is promising.  Though there isn’t much information about this breed out here yet, we will try to give you all the details we have to make an informed decision.

To clearly understand the history of this mix, we will need to look at each parent’s past to understand what kind of puppy this breed gives.

The Rottweiler History

Rottweiler has evolved for many decades, originating from Roman as cattle dogs. It is believed these cattle dogs accompanied the herds through Germany following the wake of the Roman army’s right after the time of Christ.

Once in Germany, the Legion of the Roman Empire set up camp on the bank of the river Neckar in the Wurtemberg area. The tiny region grew into a bit of town with small villas of red tiles, with the area later known ‘das Rote Wil.’

The name ‘Rottweil’ came from the red roof tiles owners who gave the first half ‘rot, while the second half came from the name for a villa. These combined made the name ‘Rottweil’ that we call this breed.

This old, diverse dog has been used as a herding, hunting, and protection dog. In modern times, they are commonly used by the police and army as intelligent dogs.  Many families have also adopted them as pets, loving and giving them the attention they need.

The Dachshund History

The dachshund originated from Germany in the 15th Century.  It was used to hung Badgers and other den animals such as foxes and rabbits. These early dogs vary in size; they can be miniature or standard sizes.

The breed’s popularity dwindled during World War l and was later imported to the United States, making their popularity increase once again.   In the United States, they have been used for hunting prairie dogs and tracking wounded deer.

The dachshund has many Terrier characteristics and is a courageous dog. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885.

The Dachshund History

The Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Puppies – Appearance

The Dachsweiler varies in appearance, even in one litter. Some pups tend to take after the Dachshund, long legs, short legs, and a sleeper body, while others take after the Rottweiler with a muscular and influential body.

Others have a mixture of a Rottweiler head and Dachshund body or vice versa.   It is hard to determine the Dachsweiler exact physical appearance before you see the puppies.

Some puppies will have paddle-shaped paws thanks to their Dachshund parent, while others will have firm rounded feet like their Rottie parent.

Their ears are likely to belong, smooth and floppy, and their eyes dark and almond-shaped, with a curious glint. The long body is the actual Dachshund trademark, the one reason it appeals to many.

Their well-defined head has a long muzzle.  Their body is supported by short but powerful legs and adorns a long sturdy tail that extends straight from the spine.  Its deep chest and ample lung capacity show a dog ready for action.

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Rottweiler Dachshund Mix – Its Personality

Like all the other hybrids, you have to look at the parents to understand how this breed will behave.

Because it is not a typical dog, we shall therefore rely on how their parents behave to know the outcome of their personality.  These two dogs are similar in several aspects – they were both bred to hunt, easy to train and fun to be around.

That said, the Dachsweiler is a loyal, happy, and easy to get along kind of dog.  It gets along well with other humans and animals but must be trained and socialized early on in its life. This breed loves some alone time and is independently more than other breeds that can’t stand being left on their own.  Even though this dog enjoys some alone time, it does not mean you leave it alone for extended periods.  Always ensure you give it the required space, but give it the attention necessary with your family.

Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Puppies – Feeding

Every dog has different dietary requirements, and this breed is not exempt.  Most dogs in the U.S are overweight because most pet owners don’t feed the species with the right type of food.

A mix like this one is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and should be fed on fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin supplements as young as it is to help it build resistance from a young age.

Do not overfeed your dog to avoid health problems like elbow and hip dysplasia.

Caring For Dachsweiler

Grooming Requirements

This breed does not shed its hair as much as other breeds.  You only need to bathe them less often to avoid drying out their skin.

Exercise Requirements

This breed is a high-energy dog that requires a good amount of exercise.  Give it a good amount of playtime in the yard, some walk or run every morning or evening to keep it fit.  The best way to tame their aggression is to burn off their energy.


This is an intelligent dog, and if you don’t train it early enough, it will grow stubborn.  Be sure to start training early and be the Alpha so that it respects and obeys your instructions.  Give it early socialization so that it grows knowing people and animals. It helps to avoid aggressiveness when it meets other dogs and people.


More hybrid dogs are coming up in the modern age more than ever.  It is essential to learn about these breeds and their characteristics before adopting the breed.

Purebred dogs are the best, but the mixed breeds are fun to raise; watching 2 dogs growing into one—all the best in your dog choices.  We will be here to walk the journey with you.

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